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yfinance Python Tutorial (2024)

Yahoo Finance offers an excellent range of market data on stocks, bonds, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. It also provides news reports with various insights into different markets from around the world – all accessible through the yfinance python library. Who Created yFinance? …

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Episode 008 – Dr. Tom Starke

AlphaCast 008 Dr. Tom Starke

Dr. Tom Starke – From Physics PhD to Quant Trading Virtuoso – AlphaCast Ep.8 Have you ever wondered what happens when a physics PhD collides with the high-stakes world of algorithmic trading? Join us as Tom, a former academic turned …

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Episode 007 – Goshawk Trades

Episode 007 Goshawk Trades

Goshawk Trades – The Whiz Kid – AlphaCast Ep. 7 Join host Leo as he picks the brain of rising algorithmic futures and discretionary small cap trader Goshawk Trades. Gain powerful insights from Goshawk’s experiences getting started with algo trading over …

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