Scot1and: Slinging Serious Trading Profits

Meet Scot1and, a professional trader with a distinctive strategy that has earned him multiple triple-digit annual returns.  

From humble beginnings to a successful career, Scot1and’s story is one of perseverance and dedication to mastering the art of stock trading. Scot1and used his experiences to develop his unique trading strategies despite facing initial setbacks and financial losses. Scot1and’s approach has proven effective through research and discipline, leading to substantial profits and recognition within the industry.

Come with us as we explore Scot1and’s trading career and uncover the techniques that led to his success.

Who Is Scot1and?

Scot1and is a full-time trader who considers himself an opportunist and a speculator. As one of the newer top traders in the market, he attributes his success to his fearlessness in pursuing opportunities wherever they arise.

Scot1and’s Early Life & Career

Of course, Scot1and wasn’t always a trading mastermind. First, he was your average college student working a minimum-wage job at a coffee shop.

One day, Scot1and turned on the news and watched a segment about the rise of the day trader. After hearing that traders make thousands of dollars, he began learning as much as he could about the industry, skipping classes to make trades and eventually landing an options trading job in Chicago.

However, he faced many challenges and later left the trading lifestyle for a more stable career. But Scot1and struggled to give up on his initial dream, explaining that “Trading is a jealous mistress.” He threw himself back into the trading world but learned that the markets had significantly changed since he was in college.

Scot1and’s success wasn’t instant. His initial trades were erratic, and his stock selections were less than ideal. Although he had good ideas, he often made the mistake of trading low-quality stocks in search of fast and easy profits. He believed that if a strategy worked once, it would work again, but he soon learned this was not always the case.

Luckily, things started clicking in 2018 when he realized the importance of carefully selecting strong stocks. Scot1and’s profits grew with each trade, and in 2020, he surpassed even his wildest expectations of what he believed was possible.

Scot1and’s Trading Philosophy & Strategies

So what’s the secret? How is Scot1and able to yield 302% annual returns?  

Like any good trader, Scot1and constantly adapts his strategies and searches for new approaches to trading. However, his most popular trading technique is the slingshot trading strategy.

Slingshot Set-Up

The Slingshot is a trading strategy that helps you get into strong stocks at the right time.

Imagine a slingshot pulling back before it launches its projectile. That’s precisely what happens with the slingshot set-up. You wait for a pullback in a strong stock and then enter the trade just as the downward momentum stops and the stock starts to go up again.

The slingshot indicator is a critical component of this strategy. It’s like a trigger that fires when the current bar’s close crosses the 4-ema of the highs.

For slingshot strategies to be effective, they should include the following components:

  • A slingshot indicator cross
  • A pullback in a strong stock
  • A range break
  • Consolidation

To lower the trade risk, you should set your stop loss at the low of the slingshot indicator trigger bar. Scot1and and many traders who have followed in his footsteps have found great success using this method.

If you’re interested in my backtest or the TradingView or TC2000 indicator settings, check out Scot1land’s Slingshot strategy backtest.

Fish Hook Set-Up

Episodic Pivot Fishhook Entry

Another strategy Scot1and came up with is the fish hook strategy.

This technique involves identifying an episodic pivot. Scot1and doesn’t buy on the initial move; instead, he stalks his prey, waiting for the buyers to prove themselves – often resembling a fishhook pattern in the charts.

Of course, these strategies are only two examples of how Scot1and makes excellent trades. In addition to these techniques, Scot1and also abides by these trading secrets:

  1. Do your own studies. Reading books about stock trading set-ups will only get you so far. You should test methods yourself to achieve the best results.
  1.  Be selective with stocks and analyze their volume. Look for high-volume stocks and low-risk entries where you’ll quickly know if you’re wrong.
  1. Create a Greatest Hits Album. Keep track of your best-performing stocks and ask yourself, “How did they move? What made them successful?”
  1. Hold 4-6 core stocks during good market conditions. Start with a bunch of stocks, then cut away the excess; only keep the stocks that are “behaving” the best.
  1. Zoom out, then zoom in. Use programs like TC2000 and the McClellan Oscillator to track the market and decide how many stocks to hold. Watch the growth action of major stocks to get a feel for the market; are they gaining or losing volume?
  1. Remember that most of your gains come from a few stocks each year. This knowledge makes it easier to detach from less profitable stocks, even if it means breaking even or taking a slight loss.
  1. Stack the setups. You can use short-term charts to identify a slingshot within a fish hook and stack your strategies.
  1. Don’t be afraid to buy a stock back higher than you sold it. You have to be willing to take a loss. While unpleasant, this is all part of the trading game!
  1. Start journaling and reflecting on your trades. This can help you make better trading decisions and detect patterns.
  1. Use resources like YouTube and Twitter to learn more about trading. Build up your network by chatting with other traders and analyzing their setups.

Career Milestones & Notable Accomplishments

Scot1and has appeared in multiple interviews to share his trading knowledge, including on Richard Moglen’s YouTube channel. He also spoke at the TraderLion Annual Stock Trading Conference in 2022, where he offered his insights on analyzing the market.

However, Scot1and’s most impressive achievement is undoubtedly his full-time career as a stock trader, built through the creation of innovative trading strategies.

Scot1and’s Influence on Modern Trading

Scot1and’s impact on the trading world cannot be overstated. His success story is a beacon of hope for aspiring traders, and his innovative techniques have revolutionized the industry. Two of his most noteworthy contributions are the Slingshot and fish hook trading strategies, which have helped countless stock traders succeed.

As a result of his industry advancements, Scot1and is a well-respected figure in the trading world, and his legacy inspires others to follow in his footsteps.

How to Contact Scot1and

The best way to contact Scot1and is via his Twitter account (@Scot1andT), where he publicly posts his trades and shares valuable trading insights. You can also subscribe to his Substack, “The Speculator’s Journal,” for a more detailed breakdown of how Scot1and prepares for a day of trading.


Scot1and’s success story is one of dedication, perseverance, and learning. By developing his own strategy and continuously refining it, he turned losses into profits and established himself as a successful trader. His journey inspires those looking to enter the industry, reminding us that success demands a deep understanding of the market and a willingness to adapt.

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