Stock Sectors: What to Know & How to Invest

Stanley Druckenmiller achieved over 30% returns for three decades without a single down year. He often stated, “The best economist I know is the inside of the stock market. I’m not that smart. The market is much smarter than me. I look to the market for signals.”

Take it from Stanley; if your goal is to beat the market, you must understand the components of the stock market. You must know the 11 different stock market sectors, their industries, and how and why they move.

In this post, I share the 11 stock sectors and the ETFs you can use to invest and trade them. I also discuss what industries comprise the sectors and when to buy each sector based on historical performance. Finally, I also provide a non-exhaustive but pretty good list of the companies in each sector at the bottom of the post with additional suggested resources.

If you’re only here for the data, you can download a CSV file of the stock market sectors, industries and companies.

What is a Stock Market Sector?

The Global Industry Classification Standard classifies businesses into different categories based on the products or services they provide. The top-level categorization is a sector. GICS defines 11 sectors.

The 11 market sectors can be further broken down into 24 industry groups, 68 industries, and 157 subindustries defined by GCIS.

Dividing the economy into different sectors enables a better understanding of how the individual components of the economy are functioning.

The 11 Stock Market Sectors and 68 Industries

Communication ServicesDiversified Telecommunication Services
Interactive Media & Services
Wireless Telecommunication Services
Consumer DiscretionaryAuto Components
Diversified Consumer Services
Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure
Household Durables
Internet & Direct Marketing Retail
Leisure Products
Multiline Retail
Specialty Retail
Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods
Consumer StaplesBeverages
Food & Staples Retailing
Food Products
Household Products
Personal Products
EnergyEnergy Equipment & Services
Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels
Capital Markets
Consumer Finance
Diversified Financial Services
Mortgage REITs
Thrifts & Mortgage Finance
Health CareBiotechnology
Health Care Equipment & Supplies
Health Care Providers & Services
Health Care Technology
Life Sciences Tools & Services
IndustrialsAerospace & Defense
Air Freight & Logistics
Building Products
Commercial Services & Supplies
Electrical Equipment
Industrial Conglomerates
Professional Services
Road & Rail
Trading Companies & Distributors
Transportation Infrastructure
Information TechnologyCommunication Equipment
Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components
IT Services
Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals
Construction Materials
Containers & Packaging
Metals & Mining
Paper & Forest Products
Real EstateEquity Real Estate Investment Trusts
Real Estate Management & Development
UtilitiesElectric Utilities
Gas Utilities
Independent Power & Renewable Electricity Producers
Water Utilities

Communication Services

Previously called the Telecommunications Sector, the Communications Services Sector contains companies like Verizon and Facebook that provide communications services primarily delivered through high bandwidth wireless or wired networks.

ETF: Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLC)

Consumer Discretionary

The Consumer Discretionary Sector contains companies that rely heavily on discretionary spending and positive consumer sentiment.

Automobiles from Ford, Home remodels from Lowe’s, Jewelry from Tiffany’s, and your favorite meal from Darden Restaurants are examples of businesses that provide discretionary products.

ETF: Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY)

Consumer Staples

The Consumer Staples Sector is made up of businesses whose products and services are less sensitive to economic cycles.

Our favorite beverages from Coke, hair products from Proctor and Gamble, ketchup from Kraft Heinz, and shopping trips to Walmart are examples of companies in the consumer staples.

ETF: Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLP)


The Energy Sector is made up of businesses that create equipment for or perform services that discover, create, store, or transport energy or fuels.

Like The Consumer Staples sector, the products and services from these businesses are nearly impossible to do without. Household names in this sector are Exxon Mobil, BP, and Shell. Many of these companies pay significant dividends and are highly dependent upon commodity prices such as oil, natural gas, and coal.

ETF: Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE)


The Financial Sector contains banking, lending, investing, and real estate companies. Real estate has been reclassified into its own sector. As of September 2016, Real Estate companies were placed in a newly created Real Estate Sector and are no longer contained in the Financial Sector.

The Financial Sector’s performance is often tied to interest rates and the debt cycle. Bank of America, Visa, Goldman Sachs, Markel Insurance, and many regional banks are in this sector.

ETF: Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF)

Health Care

The Health Care Sector contains businesses that research and develop new pharmaceuticals and biotechnological products and companies that create healthcare supplies & equipment and provide healthcare-related services.

Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and United Health are some of the more notable names in this sector.

ETF: Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV)


The Industrials Sector contains companies that manufacture and distribute capital goods, provide “heavy” commercial services or supplies, and provide transportation services by air, road, rail, and marine.

The Industrials sector includes familiar companies like Boeing, UPS, Delta, Lockheed Martin, and Caterpillar.

ETF: Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLI)

Information Technology

The Information Technology Sector contains businesses that manufacture technology hardware and provide technology software and services.

Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Intel are some of the familiar household names in this sector.

ETF: The Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK)


The Materials Sector contains businesses that manufacture chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, forest products, related packaging products, metals, minerals, and mining companies, including steel producers.

Most often in the business-to-business space and not as well known to the average consumer, BHP Group, Rio Tinto, Vale, Dupont and Sherwin-Williams, and Dow Chemical are some of the largest companies in this space.

ETF: Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLB)

Real Estate

The Real Estate Sector contains all non-mortgage REITs, which remain in the Financial Sector. Additionally, the Real Estate Sector includes Real Estate Management and Development services.

Simon Properties, Howard Hughes Corporation, and Brookfield Property

Partners are a few of the companies in this space.

ETF: The Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLRE)


The Utilities Sector contains businesses considered power producers or distributors, water, gas, or electric utilities.

Companies in this sector are often regional and highly regulated, having large cash flows but limited upside. PG&E, Duke Energy, and NRG are some of the more prominent players in this sector.

ETF: Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU)

Sector Rotation Strategies

With an understanding of stock market sectors and industries, how do we use this information to beat the market? We first need to understand the business cycle.

Mastering The Market Cycle author and famed debt investor Howard Marks says that while we can’t know exactly where we are in the market cycle, we can get a general idea to help put the odds in our favor.

When consumers and businesses are optimistic, lending is easy, and many discretionary goods and services are produced and purchased. When it overheats, lending gets tight, and companies cut back their budgets.

If you’re interested in learning more about the credit cycle, I highly suggest watching How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio.

The Business Cycle Framework

Sector Performance by Business Cycle Phase

Source: The Business Cycle Approach to Equity Sector Investing

By analyzing where we are at in the business cycle, we can potentially predict what businesses will do best in the following market cycle. Market prices usually lead 6-9 months ahead of the business cycle as participants are trying to predict what will happen with economic output in advance.

If you’re not interested in predicting the market, you can apply a systematic sector momentum rotational strategy.

How to Visualize Sector and Industry Rotation

A relative rotation graph is the best way to visualize how the sectors and industries are changing. and other sites provide relative rotation graphs to help visualize market changes. allows you to drill down into the members of each sector after reviewing the sector. You will need a membership, however, to access all of the information.

Should You Use a Sector Rotation Strategy?

My personal opinion is yes and no. I believe sectors are too expansive, and industry rotation should be used. Let’s look at the Real Estate sector as an example. XLRE contains both real estate investment trusts and real estate developers.

The certain, steady cash flows provided to an investor from established REITs would be an excellent holding in an uncertain recession; however, real estate developers that were too aggressive could be overburdened and perform poorly in a recession. One industry would do poorly while the other thrived. Due to this, I like to get more granular, and instead of using sector rotation, I use industry rotation.

PE Ratio by Stock Sector 1997-2017

List of Stocks by Sector and Industry

A non-exhaustive list of S&P 500 companies is organized by sector, industry category, and industry group.

CFCF Industries Holdings IncBasic MaterialsChemicalsAgricultural Chemicals
MOSMosaic CompanyBasic MaterialsChemicalsAgricultural Chemicals
APDAir Products & Chemicals Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
CECelanese CorpBasic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
DDDuPont de Nemours IncBasic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
DOWDow Chemical Co.Basic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
EMNEastman Chemical CoBasic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
FMCFMC Corp.Basic MaterialsChemicalsChemicals – Major Diversified
ALBAlbemarle Corp.Basic MaterialsChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals
IFFInternational Flavors & Fragrances Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals
LYBLyondellBasell Industries NVBasic MaterialsChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals
PPGPPG Industries, Inc.Basic MaterialsChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals
SHWSherwin-Williams Co.Basic MaterialsChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals
NBLNoble Energy IncBasic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
APAApache Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
COGCabot Oil & Gas Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
COPConoco PhillipsBasic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
DVNDevon Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
EOGEOG Resources, Inc.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
FANGDiamondback Energy IncBasic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
HESHess CorporationBasic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
MROMarathon Oil CorporationBasic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
PXDPioneer Natural Resources Co.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
XECCimarex Energy Co.Basic MaterialsEnergyIndependent Oil & Gas
CVXChevron Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyMajor Integrated Oil & Gas
XOMExxon Mobil Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyMajor Integrated Oil & Gas
CXOConcho Resources IncBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
HPHelmerich & Payne, Inc.Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
FTITechnipFMC plcBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
HALHalliburton Co.Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
NOVNational Oilwell Varco Inc.Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
SLBSchlumberger Ltd.Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Equipment & Services
KMIKinder Morgan IncBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Pipelines
WMBWilliams Cos IncBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Pipelines
HFCHollyFrontier CorpBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
MPCMarathon Petroleum CorpBasic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
PSXPhillips 66Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
VLOValero Energy Corp.Basic MaterialsEnergyOil & Gas Refining & Marketing
ARNCArconic IncBasic MaterialsMetals & MiningAluminum
FCXFreeport-McMoRan IncBasic MaterialsMetals & MiningCopper
NEMNewmont Mining Corp.Basic MaterialsMetals & MiningGold
NUENucor Corp.Basic MaterialsMetals & MiningSteel & Iron
FFord Motor Co.Consumer GoodsAutomotiveAuto Manufacturers – Major
GMGeneral Motors CompanyConsumer GoodsAutomotiveAuto Manufacturers – Major
APTVAptiv PLCConsumer GoodsAutomotiveAuto Parts
BWABorg Warner IncConsumer GoodsAutomotiveAuto Parts
LKQLKQ CorpConsumer GoodsAutomotiveAuto Parts
HOGHarley-Davidson, Inc.Consumer GoodsAutomotiveRecreational Vehicles
PCARPaccar Inc.Consumer GoodsAutomotiveTrucks & Other Vehicles
WHRWhirlpool Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesAppliances
AVYAvery Dennison Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesBusiness Equipment
AAPLApple IncConsumer GoodsConsumer DurablesElectronic Equipment
FBHSFortune Brands Home & Security IncConsumer GoodsConsumer DurablesHome Furnishings & Fixtures
LEGLeggett & Platt, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesHome Furnishings & Fixtures
MHKMohawk Industries, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesHome Furnishings & Fixtures
CLXClorox Co.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesHousewares & Accessories
NWLNewell Brands IncConsumer GoodsConsumer DurablesHousewares & Accessories
HASHasbro, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer DurablesToys & Games
CHDChurch & Dwight Co., Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesCleaning Products
ECLEcolab, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesCleaning Products
AMCRAmcor PlcConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
BLLBall Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
IPInternational Paper Co.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
OIOwens-Illinois, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
PKGPackaging Corp Of AmericaConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
SEESealed Air Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
WRKWestRock CoConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPackaging & Containers
CLColgate-Palmolive Co.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPersonal Products
COTYCoty IncConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPersonal Products
ELEstee Lauder Cos., Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPersonal Products
KMBKimberly-Clark Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPersonal Products
PGProcter & Gamble Co.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesPersonal Products
CPRICapri Holdings LtdConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
HBIHanesbrands IncConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
PVHPVH CorpConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
RLRalph Lauren CorpConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
UAUnder Armour IncConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
VFCVF Corp.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Clothing
NKENike, Inc.Consumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Footwear & Accessories
TPRTapestry IncConsumer GoodsConsumer NonDurablesTextile – Apparel Footwear & Accessories
TAPMolson Coors Brewing CompanyConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Brewers
KOCoca-Cola CoConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Soft Drinks
MNSTMonster Beverage Corp.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Soft Drinks
PEPPepsico Inc.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Soft Drinks
BF.BBrown-Forman Corp.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Wineries & Distillers
STZConstellation Brands IncConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageBeverages – Wineries & Distillers
HSYHershey CompanyConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageConfectioners
MDLZMondelez International Inc.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageConfectioners
ADMArcher Daniels Midland Co.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageFarm Products
KHCKraft Heinz CoConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageFood – Major Diversified
LWLamb Weston Holdings IncConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageFood Wholesale
HRLHormel Foods Corp.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageMeat Products
TSNTyson Foods, Inc.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageMeat Products
CAGConagra Brands IncConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
CPBCampbell Soup Co.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
GISGeneral Mills, Inc.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
KKellogg CoConsumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
MKCMcCormick & Co., Inc.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
SJMJ.M. Smucker Co.Consumer GoodsFood & BeverageProcessed & Packaged Goods
MOAltria Group Inc.Consumer GoodsTobaccoCigarettes
PMPhilip Morris International IncConsumer GoodsTobaccoCigarettes
BACBank Of America Corp.FinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
CCitigroup IncFinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
CMAComerica, Inc.FinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
JPMJPMorgan Chase & Co.FinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
PNCPNC Financial Services GroupFinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
STISuntrust Banks, Inc.FinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
WFCWells Fargo & Co.FinancialBankingMoney Center Banks
CFGCitizens Financial Group IncFinancialBankingRegional – Mid-Atlantic Banks
FITBFifth Third BancorpFinancialBankingRegional – Midwest Banks
HBANHuntington Bancshares, Inc.FinancialBankingRegional – Midwest Banks
KEYKeycorpFinancialBankingRegional – Midwest Banks
USBU S BancorpFinancialBankingRegional – Midwest Banks
MTBM & T Bank CorpFinancialBankingRegional – Northeast Banks
SIVBSVB Financial GroupFinancialBankingRegional – Pacific Banks
ZIONZions Bancorporation N.AFinancialBankingRegional – Pacific Banks
RFRegions Financial Corp.FinancialBankingRegional – Southeast Banks
PBCTPeople’s United Financial IncFinancialBankingSavings & Loans
AMGAffiliated Managers Group Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
AMPAmeriprise Financial IncFinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
BENFranklin Resources, Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
BKBank Of New York Mellon CorpFinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
BLKBlackrock Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
IVZInvesco LtdFinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
NTRSNorthern Trust Corp.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
STTState Street Corp.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
TROWT. Rowe Price Group Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesAsset Management
AXPAmerican Express Co.FinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
COFCapital One Financial Corp.FinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
DFSDiscover Financial ServicesFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
EFXEquifax, Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
MAMastercard IncorporatedFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
PYPLPayPal Holdings IncFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
SYFSynchrony FinancialFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
TSSTotal System Services IncFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
VVisa IncFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
WUWestern Union CompanyFinancialFinancial ServicesCredit Services
CBOECboe Global Markets Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesDiversified Investments
ICEIntercontinental Exchange IncFinancialFinancial ServicesDiversified Investments
NDAQNasdaq IncFinancialFinancial ServicesDiversified Investments
CMECME Group IncFinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – National
ETFCE TRADE Financial Corp.FinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – National
GSGoldman Sachs Group, Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – National
MKTXMarketAxess Holdings Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – National
SCHWCharles Schwab Corp.FinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – National
RJFRaymond James Financial, Inc.FinancialFinancial ServicesInvestment Brokerage – Regional
AFLAflac Inc.FinancialInsuranceAccident & Health Insurance
AIZAssurant IncFinancialInsuranceAccident & Health Insurance
UNMUnum GroupFinancialInsuranceAccident & Health Insurance
AJGArthur J. Gallagher & Co.FinancialInsuranceInsurance Brokers
AONAon plcFinancialInsuranceInsurance Brokers
MMCMarsh & McLennan Cos., Inc.FinancialInsuranceInsurance Brokers
WLTWWillis Towers Watson Public Limited CoFinancialInsuranceInsurance Brokers
LNCLincoln National Corp.FinancialInsuranceLife Insurance
METMetlife IncFinancialInsuranceLife Insurance
PFGPrincipal Financial Group IncFinancialInsuranceLife Insurance
PRUPrudential Financial Inc.FinancialInsuranceLife Insurance
AIGAmerican International Group IncFinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
ALLAllstate Corp (The)FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
BRK.BBerkshire Hathaway Inc.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
CBChubb Corp.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
CINFCincinnati Financial Corp.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
HIGHartford Financial Services Group Inc.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
LLoews Corp.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
PGRProgressive Corp.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
REEverest Re Group LtdFinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
TRVTravelers Companies Inc.FinancialInsuranceProperty & Casualty Insurance
CBRECBRE Group IncFinancialReal EstateProperty Management
AMTAmerican Tower Corp.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Diversified
VNOVornado Realty TrustFinancialReal EstateREIT – Diversified
HCPHCP IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Healthcare Facilities
VTRVentas IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Healthcare Facilities
WELLWelltower IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Healthcare Facilities
HSTHost Hotels & Resorts IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Hotel/Motel
DREDuke Realty CorpFinancialReal EstateREIT – Industrial
EXRExtra Space Storage Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Industrial
PLDPrologis IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Industrial
AREAlexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Office
BXPBoston Properties, Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Office
DLRDigital Realty Trust IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Office
AIVApartment Investment & Management Co.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
AVBAvalonbay Communities Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
EQREquity Residential Properties TrustFinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
ESSEssex Property Trust, Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
MAAMid-America Apartment Communities, Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
UDRUDR IncFinancialReal EstateREIT – Residential
FRTFederal Realty Investment TrustFinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
KIMKimco Realty Corp.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
MACMacerich Co.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
ORealty Income Corp.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
REGRegency Centers CorporationFinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
SLGSL Green Realty Corp.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
SPGSimon Property Group, Inc.FinancialReal EstateREIT – Retail
ALXNAlexion Pharmaceuticals Inc.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
AMGNAMGEN Inc.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
BIIBBiogen IncHealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
CELGCelgene Corp.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
ILMNIllumina IncHealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
INCYIncyte Corp.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
NKTRNektar TherapeuticsHealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.HealthcareDrugsBiotechnology
IDXXIdexx Laboratories, Inc.HealthcareDrugsDiagnostic Substances
ABBVAbbvie IncHealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb Co.HealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
JNJJohnson & JohnsonHealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
LLYLilly(Eli) & CoHealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
MRKMerck & Co IncHealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
PFEPfizer Inc.HealthcareDrugsDrug Manufacturers – Major
PRGOPerrigo Company plcHealthcareDrugsDrug Related Products
AGNAllergan plcHealthcareDrugsDrugs – Generic
MYLMylan N.V.HealthcareDrugsDrugs – Generic
ZTSZoetis IncHealthcareDrugsDrugs – Generic
ANTMAnthem IncHealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
CICigna Corp.HealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
CNCCentene Corp.HealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
CVSCVS Health CorpHealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
HUMHumana Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
UNHUnitedhealth Group IncHealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
WCGWellcare Health Plans Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesHealth Care Plans
HCAHCA Healthcare IncHealthcareHealth ServicesHospitals
UHSUniversal Health Services, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesHospitals
ABMDAbiomed Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
ABTAbbott LaboratoriesHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
ALGNAlign Technology, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
BSXBoston Scientific Corp.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
EWEdwards Lifesciences CorpHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
HOLXHologic, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
ISRGIntuitive Surgical IncHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
MDTMedtronic PlcHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
RMDResmed Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
SYKStryker Corp.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
VARVarian Medical Systems, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
ZBHZimmer Biomet Holdings IncHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Appliances & Equipment
BAXBaxter International Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
BDXBecton, Dickinson And Co.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
COOCooper Companies, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
MTDMettler-Toledo International, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
TFXTeleflex IncorporatedHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
XRAYDENTSPLY Sirona IncHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
WATWaters Corp.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Instruments & Supplies
AAgilent Technologies Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
DGXQuest Diagnostics, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
IQVIQVIA Holdings IncHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
LHLaboratory Corp. Of America HoldingsHealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
PKIPerkinelmer, Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.HealthcareHealth ServicesMedical Laboratories & Research
DVADaVita IncHealthcareHealth ServicesSpecialized Health Services
NOCNorthrop Grumman Corp.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense – Major Diversified
TXTTextron Inc.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense – Major Diversified
BABoeing Co.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
GDGeneral Dynamics Corp.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
HIIHuntington Ingalls Industries IncIndustrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
LMTLockheed Martin Corp.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
RTNRaytheon Co.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
TDGTransdigm Group IncorporatedIndustrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
UTXUnited Technologies Corp.Industrial GoodsAerospace/DefenseAerospace/Defense Products & Services
LINLinde PlcIndustrial GoodsChemicalsBasic Materials Wholesale
AMEAmetek IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
CMICummins Inc.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
DHRDanaher Corp.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
DOVDover Corp.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
ETNEaton Corporation plcIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
FLSFlowserve Corp.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
GEGeneral Electric Co.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
HONHoneywell International IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
IEXIdex CorporationIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
IRIngersoll-Rand PlcIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
ITWIllinois Tool Works, Inc.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
MMM3M Co.Industrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
ROKRockwell Automation IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
ROPRoper Technologies IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
XYLXylem IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingDiversified Machinery
CATCaterpillar Inc.Industrial GoodsManufacturingFarm & Construction Machinery
DEDeere & Co.Industrial GoodsManufacturingFarm & Construction Machinery
AOSA.O. Smith Corp.Industrial GoodsManufacturingIndustrial Electrical Equipment
EMREmerson Electric Co.Industrial GoodsManufacturingIndustrial Electrical Equipment
PHParker-Hannifin Corp.Industrial GoodsManufacturingIndustrial Equipment & Components
PNRPentair plcIndustrial GoodsManufacturingIndustrial Equipment & Components
SWKStanley Black & Decker IncIndustrial GoodsManufacturingMachine Tools & Accessories
SNASnap-on, Inc.Industrial GoodsManufacturingSmall Tools & Accessories
MASMasco Corp.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionGeneral Building Materials
MLMMartin Marietta Materials, Inc.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionGeneral Building Materials
VMCVulcan Materials Co.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionGeneral Building Materials
PWRQuanta Services, Inc.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionGeneral Contractors
WYWeyerhaeuser Co.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionLumber, Wood Production
DHID.R. Horton Inc.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionResidential Construction
LENLennar Corp.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionResidential Construction
PHMPulteGroup IncIndustrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionResidential Construction
RSGRepublic Services, Inc.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionWaste Management
WMWaste Management, Inc.Industrial GoodsMaterials & ConstructionWaste Management
ADSAlliance Data SystemServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
BKNGBooking Holdings IncServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
CTASCintas CorporationServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
FISVFiserv, Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
FLTFleetcor Technologies IncServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
GPNGlobal Payments, Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
JCIJohnson Controls International plcServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
MCOMoody’s Corp.ServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
ROLRollins, Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
SPGIS&P Global IncServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
VRSKVerisk Analytics IncServicesDiversified ServicesBusiness Services
HRBH&R Block Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesPersonal Services
URIUnited Rentals, Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesRental & Leasing Services
ALLEAllegion plcServicesDiversified ServicesSecurity & Protection Services
PAYXPaychex Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesStaffing & Outsourcing Services
RHIRobert Half International Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesStaffing & Outsourcing Services
JECJacobs Engineering Group, Inc.ServicesDiversified ServicesTechnical Services
EXPEExpedia Inc.ServicesLeisureLodging
HLTHilton Worldwide Holdings IncServicesLeisureLodging
MARMarriott International, Inc.ServicesLeisureLodging
CCLCarnival Corp.ServicesLeisureResorts & Casinos
MGMMGM Resorts InternationalServicesLeisureResorts & Casinos
NCLHNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings LtdServicesLeisureResorts & Casinos
RCLRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.ServicesLeisureResorts & Casinos
WYNNWynn Resorts Ltd.ServicesLeisureResorts & Casinos
CMGChipotle Mexican GrillServicesLeisureRestaurants
DRIDarden Restaurants, Inc.ServicesLeisureRestaurants
MCDMcDonald’s CorpServicesLeisureRestaurants
YUMYum Brands Inc.ServicesLeisureRestaurants
SBUXStarbucks Corp.ServicesLeisureSpecialty Eateries
IPGInterpublic Group Of Cos., Inc.ServicesMediaAdvertising Agencies
OMCOmnicom Group, Inc.ServicesMediaAdvertising Agencies
NWSNews CorpServicesMediaBroadcasting – TV
CHTRCharter Communications IncServicesMediaCATV Systems
DISCKDiscovery IncServicesMediaCATV Systems
DISHDish Network CorpServicesMediaCATV Systems
NFLXNetFlix IncServicesMediaCATV Systems
CBSCBS Corp.ServicesMediaEntertainment – Diversified
CMCSAComcast CorpServicesMediaEntertainment – Diversified
DISWalt Disney Co (The)ServicesMediaEntertainment – Diversified
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox IncServicesMediaEntertainment – Diversified
VIABViacom Inc.ServicesMediaEntertainment – Diversified
GPSGap, Inc.ServicesRetailApparel Stores
JWNNordstrom, Inc.ServicesRetailApparel Stores
LBL Brands IncServicesRetailApparel Stores
ROSTRoss Stores, Inc.ServicesRetailApparel Stores
AAPAdvance Auto Parts IncServicesRetailAuto Parts Stores
AZOAutozone Inc.ServicesRetailAuto Parts Stores
ORLYO’Reilly Automotive, Inc.ServicesRetailAuto Parts Stores Inc.ServicesRetailCatalog & Mail Order Houses
KSSKohl’s Corp.ServicesRetailDepartment Stores
MMacy’s IncServicesRetailDepartment Stores
TJXTJX Companies, Inc.ServicesRetailDepartment Stores
COSTCostco Wholesale CorpServicesRetailDiscount, Variety Stores
DGDollar General Corp.ServicesRetailDiscount, Variety Stores
DLTRDollar Tree IncServicesRetailDiscount, Variety Stores
TGTTarget CorpServicesRetailDiscount, Variety Stores
WMTWalmart IncServicesRetailDiscount, Variety Stores
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance IncServicesRetailDrug Stores
BBYBest Buy Co. Inc.ServicesRetailElectronics Stores
KRKroger Co.ServicesRetailGrocery Stores
HDHome Depot, Inc.ServicesRetailHome Improvement Stores
CPRTCopart, Inc.ServicesSpecialty RetailAuto Dealerships
KMXCarmax IncServicesSpecialty RetailAuto Dealerships
TIFTiffany & Co.ServicesSpecialty RetailJewelry Stores
EBAYEBay Inc.ServicesSpecialty RetailSpecialty Retail, Other
GPCGenuine Parts Co.ServicesSpecialty RetailSpecialty Retail, Other
TSCOTractor Supply Co.ServicesSpecialty RetailSpecialty Retail, Other
ULTAUlta Beauty IncServicesSpecialty RetailSpecialty Retail, Other
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.ServicesTransportationAir Delivery & Freight Services
EXPDExpeditors International Of Washington, Inc.ServicesTransportationAir Delivery & Freight Services
FDXFedex CorpServicesTransportationAir Delivery & Freight Services
UPSUnited Parcel Service, Inc.ServicesTransportationAir Delivery & Freight Services
AALAmerican Airlines Group IncServicesTransportationMajor Airlines
DALDelta Air Lines, Inc.ServicesTransportationMajor Airlines
UALUnited Continental Holdings IncServicesTransportationMajor Airlines
CSXCSX Corp.ServicesTransportationRailroads
KSUKansas City SouthernServicesTransportationRailroads
NSCNorfolk Southern Corp.ServicesTransportationRailroads
UNPUnion Pacific Corp.ServicesTransportationRailroads
WABWestinghouse Air Brake Technologies CorpServicesTransportationRailroads
ALKAlaska Air Group Inc.ServicesTransportationRegional Airlines
LUVSouthwest Airlines CoServicesTransportationRegional Airlines
JBHTJ.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.ServicesTransportationTrucking
ABCAmerisource Bergen Corp.ServicesWholesaleDrugs Wholesale
CAHCardinal Health, Inc.ServicesWholesaleDrugs Wholesale
MCKMckesson CorporationServicesWholesaleDrugs Wholesale
SYYSysco Corp.ServicesWholesaleFood Wholesale
FASTFastenal Co.ServicesWholesaleIndustrial Equipment Wholesale
GWWW.W. Grainger Inc.ServicesWholesaleIndustrial Equipment Wholesale
HSICHenry Schein Inc.ServicesWholesaleMedical Equipment Wholesale
NTAPNetapp IncTechnologyComputer HardwareData Storage Devices
STXSeagate Technology PlcTechnologyComputer HardwareData Storage Devices
WDCWestern Digital Corp.TechnologyComputer HardwareData Storage Devices
ANETArista Networks IncTechnologyComputer HardwareDiversified Computer Systems
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise CoTechnologyComputer HardwareDiversified Computer Systems
HPQHP IncTechnologyComputer HardwareDiversified Computer Systems
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.TechnologyComputer HardwareNetworking & Communication Devices
JNPRJuniper Networks IncTechnologyComputer HardwareNetworking & Communication Devices
ADBEAdobe Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
ANSSAnsys Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
CDNSCadence Design Systems, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
CRMSalesforce.Com IncTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
DXCDXC Technology CoTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
FTNTFortinet IncTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
INTUIntuit IncTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
ORCLOracle Corp.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesApplication Software
ADPAutomatic Data Processing Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions Corp.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
CTXSCitrix Systems, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
IRMIron Mountain Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
JKHYJack Henry & Associates, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
MSFTMicrosoft CorporationTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesBusiness Software & Services
CERNCerner Corp.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesHealthcare Information Services
BRBroadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation & Delivery Services
LDOSLeidos Holdings IncTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation & Delivery Services
NLSNNielsen Holdings plcTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation & Delivery Services
ACNAccenture plcTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation Technology Services
FISFidelity National Information Services, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation Technology Services
IBMInternational Business Machines Corp.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation Technology Services
ITGartner, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation Technology Services
XRXXerox CorpTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesInformation Technology Services
ATVIActivision Blizzard IncTechnologyComputer Software & ServicesMultimedia & Graphics Software
EAElectronic Arts, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesMultimedia & Graphics Software
TTWOTake-Two Interactive Software, Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesMultimedia & Graphics Software
SYMCSymantec Corp.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesSecurity Software & Services
ADSKAutodesk Inc.TechnologyComputer Software & ServicesTechnical & System Software
APHAmphenol Corp.TechnologyElectronicsDiversified Electronics
GLWCorning, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsDiversified Electronics
TELTE Connectivity LtdTechnologyElectronicsDiversified Electronics
FLIRFlir Systems, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsScientific & Technical Instruments
FTVFortive CorpTechnologyElectronicsScientific & Technical Instruments
GRMNGarmin LtdTechnologyElectronicsScientific & Technical Instruments
KEYSKeysight Technologies IncTechnologyElectronicsScientific & Technical Instruments
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
AVGOBroadcom IncTechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
INTCIntel Corp.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
MCHPMicrochip Technology, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
QRVOQorvo IncTechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
TXNTexas Instruments Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Broad Line
ADIAnalog Devices Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Integrated Circuits
SWKSSkyworks Solutions, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Integrated Circuits
XLNXXilinx, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Integrated Circuits
NVDANVIDIA CorpTechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor – Specialized
AMATApplied Materials Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
IPGPIPG Photonics CorpTechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
KLACKla-Tencor Corp.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
LRCXLam Research Corp.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
SNPSSynopsys, Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor Equipment & Materials
MUMicron Technology Inc.TechnologyElectronicsSemiconductor- Memory Chips
AKAMAkamai Technologies IncTechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
FBFacebook IncTechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
GOOGAlphabet IncTechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
INFOIHS Markit LtdTechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
TRIPTripAdvisor Inc.TechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
TWTRTwitter IncTechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
VRSNVerisign Inc.TechnologyInternetInternet Information Providers
EQIXEquinix IncTechnologyInternetInternet Software & Services
MSIMotorola Solutions IncTechnologyTelecommunicationsCommunication Equipment
QCOMQualcomm, Inc.TechnologyTelecommunicationsCommunication Equipment
CCICrown Castle International CorpTechnologyTelecommunicationsDiversified Communication Services
SBACSBA Communications CorpTechnologyTelecommunicationsDiversified Communication Services
CTLCenturyLink IncTechnologyTelecommunicationsTelecom Services – Domestic
VZVerizon Communications IncTechnologyTelecommunicationsTelecom Services – Domestic
TMUST-Mobile US IncTechnologyTelecommunicationsWireless Communications
ESEversource EnergyUtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
EXCExelon Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
NINisource Inc. (Holding Co.)UtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
NRGNRG Energy Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
PEGPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
SRESempra EnergyUtilitiesUtilitiesDiversified Utilities
AEEAmeren Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
AEPAmerican Electric Power Company Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
AESAES Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
CMSCMS Energy CorporationUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
DDominion Energy IncUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
DTEDTE Energy Co.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
DUKDuke Energy Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
EDConsolidated Edison, Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
EIXEdison InternationalUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
ETREntergy Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
EVRGEvergy IncUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
FEFirstenergy Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
LNTAlliant Energy Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
NEENextEra Energy IncUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
PNWPinnacle West Capital Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
PPLPPL CorpUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
SOSouthern CompanyUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
WECWEC Energy Group IncUtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
XELXcel Energy, Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesElectric Utilities
ATOAtmos Energy Corp.UtilitiesUtilitiesGas Utilities
CNPCenterpoint Energy Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesGas Utilities
OKEOneok Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesGas Utilities
AWKAmerican Water Works Co. Inc.UtilitiesUtilitiesWater Utilities

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