15 Best Trading YouTube Channels in 2023

Are you itching to crack the code of the trading universe and reach financial triumph? Look no further, because we’ve got the ultimate treasure trove of the best trading YouTube channels of 2023! With expert guidance, comprehensive market analysis, and battle-tested trading strategies, these channels cater to traders of all calibers eager to hone their skills and dominate the market.

Don’t let this chance to learn from the cream of the crop slip through your fingers – transform your trading odyssey today! Read on to unveil the top YouTube channels that’ll morph you into a trading virtuoso and help you seize the market by storm!

1. Richard Moglen

Subscribers: 68.1K

Welcome to the Richard Moglen YouTube channel – your ultimate trading hub for mastering financial literacy and technical analysis! Moglen’s mission is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to grow your savings and triumph in the stock market, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader.

This trading YouTube channel covers a vast range of topics, from the hottest growth stocks to watch out for to cultivating the perfect trading mindset and more. Remember, Richard Moglen’s videos are purely educational, so always do your own research, use stop losses, and be knowledgeable about the risks that come with trading.

By subscribing to the Richard Moglen YouTube channel, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of expert insights and interviews that will propel your trading strategies to new heights. So, whether you’re just dipping your toes into the stock market or honing your trading strategy, this trading channel is an absolute must-follow for anyone determined to conquer the stock market.

2. TraderLion

Subscribers: 51.5K

Welcome to TraderLion, the perfect platform for premium trading education on YouTube! Their channel is dedicated to empowering traders with cutting-edge tools, expert advice, and unwavering support to supercharge your trading strategies and establish a rock-solid approach to the market.

TraderLion’s diverse collection of videos covers a vast range of trading topics, from mastering stock market analysis to conquering mental roadblocks and optimizing your portfolio management. Regardless of your experience level, TraderLion is your go-to resource for leveling up your stock market trading game and making smarter, more informed decisions.

By subscribing to TraderLion, you’ll gain access to unlimited trading knowledge and expertise from some of the best traders in the game, allowing you to sharpen your skills and achieve greater success in your trading ventures.

3. Crowded Market Report by Jason Shapiro

Subscribers: 71.4K

Check out the Crowded Market YouTube channel, hosted by the trading guru Jason Shapiro! This is your one-stop-shop for mastering the art of trading stocks, risk management, and embracing the contrarian mindset.

This trading channel showcases highlights from the insightful weekly Crowded Market Report, crafted by Jason Shapiro and the CMR Publishing Team, educational videos, and riveting market commentary. With the motto “slow road to the rich house,” they cater to serious traders who are committed to their journey, not those chasing overnight riches.

With over 30 years of trading experience, Jason Shapiro, a renowned hedge fund manager and featured expert in Jack Schwager’s latest book, Unknown Market Wizards, is here to guide you. By subscribing to the Crowded Market YouTube channel, you’ll gain access to a weekly report, exclusive charts, a weekly COT index, and an invitation to our buzzing private Discord server that never sleeps.

4. Qullamaggie

Subscribers: 31.8K

Subscribe to the Qullamaggie YouTube channel, the ideal resource for mastering the art of stock trading! Hosted by a savvy trader who’s been conquering the US stock markets from Sweden since 2011, this trading channel is an essential tool for traders at every stage looking to elevate their trading prowess.

Qullamaggie’s videos cover an exciting array of topics, such as the host’s latest trades, comprehensive asset and swing trading analysis, and priceless insights into the ever-evolving stock market landscape. By subscribing to this channel, you’ll unlock expert analysis that will empower you to make smarter trades and navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the financial markets.

5. Stockbee Videos

Subscribers: 16.4K

Welcome to the Stockbee YouTube channel, dedicated to mastering the art of swing and position trading, hosted by the insightful Pradeep Bonde. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the stock market and elevate your swing trading game to new heights.

Bursting with invaluable knowledge, Stockbee’s videos cover a wide range of trading topics, from identifying breakout markets to uncovering the essential traits of successful traders and pinpointing stocks with explosive growth potential. This treasure trove of trading wisdom is perfect for swing traders, but its lessons can also be applied by traders of all styles and experience levels.

By subscribing to Stockbee, you’ll gain access to a wealth of powerful strategies and insights that will not only sharpen your trading skills but also transform the way you navigate the complex and ever-changing financial markets.

6. Dr. Mansi

Subscribers: 2.47K

Subscribe to the Dr. Mansi YouTube channel, your ultimate trading masterclass hosted by Mansi, a full-time US market trader. Mansi crafted this channel to chronicle her trading journey and to connect, learn, and evolve with fellow traders. By revealing her personal experiences, she aspires to motivate and empower others to absorb her wisdom and expertise.

Her captivating videos delve into a diverse range of topics, including position sizing, chart setup mastery, and the art of knowing when to cut losses or lock in profits.

By subscribing to the Dr. Mansi YouTube channel, you’ll uncover priceless insights and practical advice from a successful trader that will guide you through the intricate world of trading and help you make more informed decisions in the market.

7. Chart Guys

Subscribers: 180K

Check out the Chart Guys YouTube channel, where a dynamic team of seasoned traders will ignite your passion for technical analysis and market psychology! Their mission is to empower traders from all walks of life with the skills to conquer the world of trading in a jargon-free, easy-to-grasp manner through our comprehensive courses, vibrant trading community, and invaluable online resources.

Their riveting videos will tackle a vast array of topics, such as mastering market volatility, uncovering the essential traits every successful trader possesses, and adapting to the rise of AI and technology in the trading arena. By subscribing to the Chart Guys YouTube channel, you’ll unlock engaging and entertaining guides designed to propel you forward on your trading adventure.

8. Caruso Insights

Subscribers: 3.73K

Discover the dynamic world of trading with Caruso Insights, a new but rapidly evolving YouTube channel dedicated to empowering traders in honing their strategies and mastering the market.

This trading YouTube channel offers an abundance of captivating content, including in-depth discussions on transforming trading into a full-time career, comprehensive reviews of various stock trading strategies, and an enthralling Timeless Investing Wisdom series which features enlightening conversations with renowned financial experts.

Embrace the exhilarating journey of trading mastery with Caruso Insights – your key to unlocking the secrets of the trading universe!

9. Financial Wisdom

Subscribers: 139K

Welcome to the Financial Wisdom YouTube channel, your ultimate destination for mastering the trading game, hosted by a seasoned professional who has devoured hundreds of financial books and spent countless hours on self-education. This channel’s goal is to fast-track your learning curve, arming you with invaluable insights and knowledge to conquer the trading world.

Financial Wisdom caters to a diverse audience, from wide-eyed beginners to grizzled trading veterans. Their content covers an extensive range of topics, from mastering options trading and discovering high-growth stocks to honing your trading discipline. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to learn from a trading maestro and skyrocket your skills to stratospheric heights!

10. Chat With Traders

Subscribers: 217K

Check out the Chat With Traders YouTube channel, featuring gripping conversations with experienced traders from various markets, including stocks, futures, options, forex, and crypto. Hosted by the dynamic duo Tessa Dao and Ian Cox, this channel offers a fresh perspective into the fascinating world of trading through their enthralling podcast interviews.

Their interviews explore a diverse range of trading topics, such as mastering your trading strategy, cultivating unshakable self-belief, and extracting valuable lessons from financial history and market blunders. This channel caters to traders of all stripes and skill levels, from eager newbies to seasoned pros, providing priceless insights and experiences from the trading elite.

By subscribing to Chat With Traders, you’ll feel like a VIP guest at an exclusive trading roundtable, gaining access to a treasure trove of knowledge that will elevate your trading mindset to dizzying new heights.

11. Alissa Coram

Subscribers: 9.97K

Welcome to the Alissa Coram YouTube channel, your go-to spot for mastering the art of trading, hosted by the multimedia content wizard at Investor’s Business Daily.

With nearly a decade of experience learning the secrets of successful trading from the most exceptional traders in the game, Alissa is now on a mission to share her personal journey and insider knowledge of the stock market – all with the ultimate goal of empowering you to take control of your financial future!

On this channel, you’ll uncover invaluable tips for kickstarting your trading journey and leveling up your trader skills. Get ready to dive into exclusive interviews with financial trailblazers as they reveal their money-making secrets, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of trading, and so much more!

12. Jack Corsellis

Subscribers: 17.6K

Subscribe to the Jack Corsellis YouTube channel – one of the best platforms for leveling up your trading game! Get ready to dive into insightful interviews featuring trading experts who generously share their tried-and-tested strategies and invaluable experiences.

Jack’s channel is your go-to source for mastering essential trading concepts, such as top growth stocks, indispensable advice for swing traders, and proven tactics for handling market volatility like a pro. But wait, there’s more! Jack also offers live coaching sessions for traders craving a personalized touch to their trading education.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the Jack Corsellis YouTube channel and unlock a world of financial wisdom that will empower you to navigate the intricate trading landscape.

13. Investors Underground

Subscribers: 160K

Welcome to the Investors Underground YouTube channel, designed for transforming your trading journey into a thrilling and prosperous adventure! This channel is the perfect hub to sharpen your trading instincts, engage with like-minded traders daily, and absorb invaluable insights from seasoned experts.

By subscribing to Investors Underground, you’ll unlock a treasure chest of daily recaps, trading lessons, and real-time stocks in play. Their YouTube channel boasts a plethora of wisdom tailored to traders of all skill levels, empowering you to make smarter decisions in the market and skyrocket your trading success.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – subscribe to Investors Underground today and unleash a universe of financial revelations that will fuel your drive to conquer the trading arena!

14. Dumb Money Live

Subscribers: 89.7K

Subscribe to the Dumb Money Live YouTube channel, hosted by the dynamic trio of Dave Hanson, Chris Camillo, and Jordan Mclain! This thrilling channel unveils their real-world trades and candid thoughts on the stock market every single week, demonstrating that even “dumb money” can transform tens of thousands into jaw-dropping tens of millions.

These self-made trading wizards ditched their 9-to-5s to take control of their own financial destinies, unearthing gems in their everyday lives. By keeping a keen eye on online trends, they infuse their trades with a social edge, and their ultimate mission is to equip you with the tools to make your money work harder and smarter by trading in whatever ignites your passion.

Ditching the sales pitch of typical finance gurus, the Dumb Money Live crew has absolutely nothing to sell – no courses, no software. It’s just three friends, generously sharing their hard-earned wisdom and insights to help you make savvier trading choices.

15. Analyzing Alpha

Subscribers: 676

Welcome to the Analyzing Alpha YouTube channel, the ultimate hub for trading mastery, hosted by Leo, a financial virtuoso with an insatiable passion for the trading game. Leo is on a mission to empower fellow traders by sharing his expertise and guiding them to develop winning strategies that rake in profits.

This channel delves into a treasure trove of trading topics, featuring captivating interviews with market gurus and in-depth backtesting of trading strategies. By subscribing to Analyzing Alpha, you’ll unlock a wealth of priceless insights, actionable advice, and expert wisdom that will sharpen your trading acumen and catapult your market prowess to unparalleled heights.

Take this opportunity to learn from a seasoned trader and elevate your trading game to the zenith of success!

Conclusion: Why Sub to Trading YouTube Channels?

The thrilling world of trading presents countless opportunities for achieving financial prosperity. These exceptional YouTube channels are your gateway to mastering this exciting realm. Through their expert insights and priceless market analysis, these trading virtuosos will empower you with the knowledge and prowess needed to dominate the stock market and attain your financial aspirations.

For those who are also interested in broader financial strategies beyond trading, be sure to check out our list of the best investing YouTube channels. These channels provide well-rounded advice and techniques for long-term financial planning and wealth accumulation.

Don’t let this opportunity to elevate your trading expertise and unleash your full potential slip away. So, what’s holding you back? Subscribe to these outstanding trading YouTube channels right now and set sail on your epic journey to become a trading maestro, primed to conquer the market and bask in the glory of financial victory!

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