The 5%ers Review: Is It Worth It? (2023)

Our Verdict

The 5%ers is an excellent prop firm with a great reputation. It offers instant funding, helpful trading resources, and programs for all traders. While the profit split is initially limited, it is still one of the best prop firms.

Challenge Difficulty:
Profit Share:
Educational Resources:
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  • Instant funding
  • Flexible trading rules
  • Trade up to $4,000,000
  • Option for a 100% proft split
  • Limited profit shares
  • No 24/7 customer service
  • No crypto or futures

Are you ready to break into the trading market and improve your trading skills? Whether you’re a beginner looking for resources or a skilled trader seeking capital, you need a prop firm that will deliver on every front. That’s where The 5%ers comes in. This prop firm provides traders with instant funding opportunities, unmatched growth plans, and a community of successful traders eager to share their ideas. By joining The 5%ers, you can receive instant access to capital and the chance to grow your knowledge and increase your profits.

In this review of The 5%ers, we’ll tell you how signing up with this prop firm today can help your trading career skyrocket.

What Is the 5%ers?

The 5%ers is a prop trading firm and growth program designed to fund profitable traders and enhance their careers. The company provides traders with capital for trading forex, metals, and indices. They take the entire risk for trading losses, so traders don’t have to worry about gambling away their own funds.

With The 5%er’s hyper-growth scaling plan, traders can quickly boost their capital levels and make a career for themselves as professional traders.

Who Founded the 5%ers?

Gil Ben Hur is the founder and CEO of The 5%ers; he’s been trading forex since 2007. Gil designed The 5%ers based on his years of experience working with professional forex traders. His goal was to create an open career-building platform where traders can learn what it takes to succeed and earn lots of capital fast.

How the 5%ers Works

Let’s discuss the different program options that The 5%ers offers its traders.

Bootcamp Program

The Bootcamp Program is a low-cost entry program where traders can prove their trading skills to get funded. Traders who sign up for the Bootcamp Program can choose between two account sizes: $100K or $250K.

After signing up, you’ll receive a demo account where you must pass three challenge phases. For the $100K account, The 5%ers will start you off with an initial balance of $25K; for the $250K, your initial balance will be $100K.

Here’s a breakdown of the trading rules for the Bootcamp Program:

  • Reach the 6% profit target
  • 5% maximum loss
  • 1:10 leverage
  • A stop-loss is required in all positions and orders
  • No minimum trades required
  • No minimum trading days required
  • 12 months to reach the profit target in all three levels
  • News trading is allowed
  • Holding trades overnight and during the weekend is allowed

Once traders pass the challenge levels, The 5%ers rewards them with a funded account of their chosen amount: $100K or $250K. High-risk traders get their accounts doubled at every 25% profit target, while low-risk traders get their accounts doubled at every 10%.

Traders can work up the fast-growth scaling plan to receive as much as $4,000,000. They can also increase their profit share up to 100%.

If you’re a less experienced trader, you’ll be happy to know that The 5%ers designed this program with you in mind. However, experienced traders can also benefit from the Bootcamp Program; whether you’re a swing trader or a scalper, you’ll enjoy the extended time you have to pass the evaluation.

Instant Funding Program

The Instant Funding Program is appropriately named as it provides traders with instantly funded accounts. Traders in the Instant Funded Program can choose between low-risk or aggressive accounts depending on their trading style.

The account size options for the Instant Funding Program are $24K, $40K, and $80K; the initial balances that traders start with for each account are $6K, $10K, and $20K, respectively.

For example, if you choose the $24K account, The 5%ers will first give you $6K and watch you prove your skills through three levels. Once you complete the three levels, The 5%ers will quadruple your account size to $24K.

So how does each instant funding option work?

The low-risk instant funding option, also known as the Risk Manager Program, is a relaxed trading program with no time restraints. Low-risk traders must follow these trading rules to grow their account:

  • Reach a 6-7% profit target on Level 1
  • Reach a 10% profit target to double account size after Level 2
  • Maintain the stop-out level (6% on Levels 1-2, 4% on Levels 3 and above)
  • 1:10 leverage

The high-risk instant funding option, also known as the Aggressive Trader Program, has minimal rules. High-risk traders must follow these trading rules to grow their account:

  • Reach a 12% profit target on Levels 1-3
  • Reach a 10% profit target double account size
  • Maintain the stop-out level (6% on Levels 1-2, 4% on Levels 3 and above)
  • 1:30 leverage

The Instant Funding Program is best for experienced traders ready to manage live capital. If you’re a trader who prefers taking on less risk, the Risk Manager Program is the superior choice, as you can receive a low target for more funding. However, the Aggressive Trader Program is the better choice if you’re a high-risk trader, as you can trade with higher leverage.

Top Features of the 5%ers

Let’s talk about some of The 5%er’s top features.

50-100% Profit Split

Traders at The 5%ers split 50% of their profits with the prop trading firm. This percentage is disappointing compared to most other prop firms who let their traders keep more. However, if you choose the Bootcamp Program, you can work up to 100% split by being a profitable trader.

Trade Up To $4,000,000

The 5%ers offers a fast growth plan for traders, doubling their accounts at every 10% profit target. This allows traders to manage up to $4,000,000 in capital.  

Instant Funding and Instant Payouts

The 5%ers provides traders instant funding on real accounts. Traders don’t have to worry about qualification phases; they can start trading real capital from day one. Traders can also receive instant payments with just the click of a button; no waiting around wondering where your money is.

Access to Trading Resources

The 5%ers offers multiple educational resources for traders looking to improve their skills. Traders can access the Forex Blog, Psychology Coaching, The 5ers Classes, Videos, Trading Course, Webinars, Live Events, and Forex Scalping Workshops.

The 5%ers Pricing and Fees

So how much will you pay to trade with the 5%ers? Let’s break down the costs of each program!

Bootcamp Program Prices

Here are the prices for the Bootcamp Program:

Bootcamp ProgramEntry CostTotal Cost
$100K€95 ($101.91)€225 ($241.39)
$250K€225 ($241.39)€575 ($617.05)

You’ll pay a small initial fee when you sign up for the Bootcamp Program. Then, after you pass the evaluation, you’ll pay the remaining cost. If you don’t pass the evaluation, you don’t have to pay the total cost, just the initial fee.

Instant Funding Program Prices

Here are the costs for the Instant Fund Program:

Instant FundingOne-Time Fee

The one-time fee is the same whether you sign up for a low or high-risk account.

The 5%ers Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of trading with The 5%ers.

The 5%ers Pros

  • Instant funding
  • Funding up to $4,000,000
  • Overnight and weekend holding
  • News and algo trading allowed
  • Unlimited trading resources
  • Multiple programs for different types of traders
  • Some traders may reach a 100% profit share

The 5%ers Cons

  • Limited profit split for most traders
  • No 24/7 customer service

User Reviews for the 5%ers

The 5%ers has 4.8 stars on TrustPilot, making it one of the best-rated prop firms. Check out some reviews to see what traders think of The 5%ers!

Positive Reviews

One verified trader named Jayson shared how the Bootcamp Program helped him improve his trading strategy:

Another satisfied trader named Don says the prop firm’s non-restrictive policies encourage trader success.

Negative Reviews

Of course, The 5%ers still have their share of negative feedback; one trader named Osazeme complained about the prop firm’s rules.

Another trader named Harry reported technical issues with the website and criticized the dashboard page.

The 5%ers Alternatives

Now that you’re up to speed with the pros, cons, and reviews of The 5%ers, you may have a better idea if this prop trading company is right for you. If you think The 5%ers isn’t the perfect fit, we recommend checking out these competing prop firms:

Our Personal Experience with the 5%ers

But how do we think The 5%ers compares to these other prop firms?

Overall, The 5% ers is one of the better trading firms on the market. We love that their funded trader programs support multiple trading styles to appease high-risk, low-risk, and long-time profitable traders. Even beginner traders can take advantage of their educational resources and learn helpful trading strategies.

Another feature we love is that traders can receive instant funding. Most prop firms will make you trade virtual capital on demo accounts while you prove your skills; you can still do this with the Bootcamp Program or sign up for the Instant Funding Program to trade real capital faster.

We also appreciate that The 5%ers gives traders room for growth; you can work your way up to managing $4,000,000, which is a decent amount compared to many prop firms. The 5%ers also offer a 100% profit split for their most successful traders, giving you even more of an incentive to excel.

Of course, there are still areas where The 5%ers could improve.

For one, traders start with a 50% profit split, which is low compared to most firms. If you sign up for the Instant Funding Program, you’ll also never be able to work to a more significant profit split. We find this feature limiting, so we wish The 5%ers would give more wiggle room regarding how much they share.

Another issue is that The 5%ers do not offer 24/7 customer service. If you live in a different time zone, you’ll have difficulty addressing your questions and concerns promptly.

Conclusion: Should You Trade with the 5%ers?

So should you start trading with The 5%ers? Beginners, experts, and traders of all styles can benefit from joining The 5%ers.

With a super fast scaling plan and the option for instant funding, The 5%ers allows traders to grow their capital fast.

However, if you prioritize generous profit splits right away, then The 5%ers may not be your best option. But if you’re willing to work your way up in a reliable prop firm with tons of capital to give, then The 5%ers is an excellent choice.

But of course, it’s not your only choice! Explore more options with our list of the Best Prop Firms for Instant Funding!

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