Expert FTMO Review: Is it Worth Joining? (2023)

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Our Verdict

FTMO is the premier proprietary trading firm for forex traders. FTMO has a unique 2-step evaluation process to discover trading talent. Successful traders can remotely manage an account with a balance of up to $400,000. FTMO's educational resources, account analysis, and performance coaching provide traders with the tools and support to achieve financial independence. Join FTMO and start trading with confidence.

Challenge Difficulty:
Profit Share:
Educational Resources:
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  • Well-established and trusted
  • Fast scaling plan
  • Access data from liquidity providers
  • No swing trading limits
  • 1:100 leverage
  • Limited trading platforms
  • Challenging evaluation process
  • Slightly more expensive than alternatives
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Are you a new trader seeking experience or a skilled trader ready to jumpstart your career? FTMO may be the answer. This proprietary forex firm provides traders with more than just access to capital; it offers trading with fewer restrictions, access to advanced tools, and the option for on-demand payouts.

In this 2023 FTMO review, we’ll give you all the information you need to decide if this prop firm is the right choice for you.

What Is FTMO?

Are you a serious trader looking to grow your career? FTMO invests in skilled traders like you, providing the capital you need to succeed in forex, indices, commodities, or crypto, with any trading style you prefer. Join our global platform of successful FTMO traders, where we’ve already paid out over $97 million to our traders with an average payout time of just 8 hours.

Who Founded FTMO?

Meet Otakar Šuffner, a passionate day trader who founded FTMO in 2014 with Filip, Tomas, and Marek in a small office in Prague. Together, they created a prop firm that champions self-discipline for successful trading, hence the name FTMO, which stands for each founder’s first name.

How Does FTMO Work?

Let’s discuss how the FTMO proprietary trading firm works, including its evaluation process, account options, and trading objectives.

Account Options

FTMO offers multiple account options that accommodate traders of all styles. You can choose between a Normal, Aggressive, or Swing Account depending on how you like to trade. FTMO Offers accounts with the following initial balances: $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K, and $200K*.

*Aggressive traders cannot access a $200K account.

Evaluation Process

Before receiving a funded account, traders must fulfill the trading objectives of the evaluation process. FTMO’s evaluation is divided into the FTMO Challenge and the Verification Stage.

Traders who sign up for a Normal FTMO Account must follow these rules to become an FTMO trader:

  • Pass the FTMO Challenge in 30 days
  • Pass the Verification Stage in 60 days
  • Place trades for a minimum of 10 days
  • Do not hit or exceed the 5% maximum daily loss limit
  • Do not hit or exceed the 10% maximum loss limit
  • Reach a 10% profit target during the FTMO Challenge
  • Reach a 5% profit target during the Verification Stage

Traders who sign up for the Aggressive FTMO Account must abide by the following rules:

  • Pass the FTMO Challenge in 30 days
  • Pass the Verification Stage in 60 days
  • Place trades for a minimum of 10 days
  • Do not hit or exceed the 10% maximum daily loss limit
  • Do not hit or exceed the 20% maximum loss limit
  • Reach a 20% profit target during the FTMO Challenge
  • Reach a 10% profit target during the Verification Stage

Traders who sign up for a Swing FTMO account must follow the same trading objectives as a Normal Account. However, they have the added benefit of holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic releases.

Scaling Plan

After passing the evaluation process, FTMO will reward you with a funded account. The trading objectives remain the same as they did in the evaluation process, so you won’t have to get used to new rules. After becoming a funded FTMO trader, you can work your way up the scaling plan to manage as much as $2,000,000.

See the photo below for an example of how FTMO’s scaling plan works:

Top Features of FTMO

Check out our overview of FTMO’s top features that make it stand out from other prop firms.

80-90% Profit Split

Traders at FTMO receive 80% of their profits, which is pretty much the industry standard. However, traders can progress through the scaling plan to receive as much as 90% of their profits, which is an impressive amount.

Fast Scaling Plan

FTMO’s fast scaling plan allows traders to grow their accounts and manage more capital. If you follow the scaling plan rules, FTMO will increase your account by 25% every four months; all you need to do is be consistent and profitable!

No Limits on Trading Style

At FTMO, you have no restrictions regarding trading strategies and style. You can use EAs, hedging, or trade discretionary; it’s entirely up to you!

Custom Trading Apps

FTMO offers custom trading apps to help traders view their analytics and keep track of their trades. Traders can take advantage of the following applications: Account MetriX, Account Analysis, Statistical App, Trading Journal, Mentor App, and Equity Simulator.

Trading Academy

FTMO also offers a Trading Academy for beginners looking to develop their skills. Traders who sign up for the Trading Academy can access informative tutorials and educational webinars with mentors.

FTMO Pricing

So, how much does it cost to be an FTMO trader? Let’s break it down for you!

Here are the costs for an FTMO Normal or Swing Account:

FTMO Normal/Swing AccountRefundable Fee
$10K£155 ($188.24)
$25K£250 ($303.58)
$50K£345 ($418.95)
$100K£540 ($655.74)
$200K£1,080 ($1,311.49)

Here are the costs for an FTMO Aggressive Account:

FTMO Aggressive AccountRefundable Fee
$10K£250 ($303.58)
$25K£345 ($418.95)
$50K£540 ($655.74)
$100K£1,080 ($1,311.49)

The fees are refundable, so you can expect that money back after passing the FTMO Challenge and the Verification Stage.

FTMO Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of trading with FTMO!


  • Excellent profit split
  • On-demand payouts
  • No restrictions on trading style
  • You can trade multiple assets
  • Custom trading apps and tools
  • Positive industry reputation
  • Free trials


  • All FTMO accounts are demos
  • The evaluation process may scare away less experienced traders

User Reviews for FTMO

FTMO has 4.9 stars on TrustPilot, making it one of the best-rated prop firms on the market. Let’s see what FTMO traders are saying about this prop firm!

Positive Reviews

One satisfied trader named Aasim says FTMO is better than other prop firms thanks to its helpful customer support team.

Another trader named Josh says that FTMO’s trading rules and excellent customer service helped him to become a better trader.

Negative Reviews

But some traders have criticized FTMO; one trader named Raghav complained about the firm’s maximum loss rule.

Another trader had complaints about FTMO’s rules contributing to excessive slippage.  

FTMO Alternatives

Now you’ve heard the pros, cons, and reviews of FTMO; are you still not sure this is the right prop trading firm for you? If not, we recommend looking into these competing prop firms:

Our Personal Experience with FTMO

When it comes to prop trading firms, there are plenty out there to choose from. But after trying out FTMO for ourselves, we can confidently say that it’s one of the top firms available. What we appreciate the most is that FTMO has options for all kinds of traders- whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro.

In addition, we were really impressed with how FTMO handles payouts. Not only can you keep up to 90% of your profits, but the payouts are processed quickly, without any unnecessary delays. It’s clear that FTMO understands how important it is to get paid on time. Overall, our experience with FTMO has been excellent, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to dive into prop trading.

You’ll love how unrestricted FTMO is, with its flexible trading rules and wide range of trading options. Unlike other prop trading firms that limit you to forex or crypto, FTMO gives you more freedom to explore your trading style and preferences.

As a skilled trader, you’ll find FTMO’s custom trading apps and Trading Academy invaluable for growing your skills and knowledge. And for beginners, these tools offer a great starting point for developing your trading strategies.

Now, let me share with you a couple of suggestions on how FTMO can enhance their services.

Some beginner traders may find the evaluation process overwhelming. FTMO aims to ensure the competence of their traders, but perhaps a 10% profit target during the FTMO Challenge may be too high for some.

It’s worth mentioning that FTMO traders utilize demo accounts for trading. While their platform is excellent at replicating real market conditions and automatically mirroring trades for actual profits, some traders may have concerns with a third-party being involved.

Conclusion: Should You Trade with FTMO?

Are you a serious trader looking to use your skills to advance your career? FTMO is the prop firm for you. With its tagline “For Serious Traders,” FTMO supports almost all trading strategies and styles, making it a great fit for most traders. 

And even beginners can join FTMO, with the Trading Academy providing the tools to break into proprietary trading. Whether you’re into forex or crypto, FTMO delivers on all fronts with few restrictions and competitive payouts.

But if you’re not sold on FTMO just yet, check out our breakdown of the Best Forex Prop Trading Firms!

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