City Traders Imperium Review for 2024

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Our Verdict
City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is one of the best prop firms on the market. It offers generous profit splits, programs that support different trading styles, and access to top-tier educational content. While the fees are slightly above average, CTI is worth it.

Challenge Difficulty:
Profit Share:
Educational Resources:
Customer Support:
Community Engagement:
  • Scaling profit shares up to 90%
  • Instant funding available
  • Good to educational resources
  • Excellent community
  • Free trials
  • Slightly higher fees
  • No crypto trading
  • No 24/7 customer support
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Are you a trader looking to break into the industry without gambling your capital? If so, you’ll need to find a proprietary trading firm that matches your needs. The good news is that you have many options, as there are many prop firms with capital to give; the bad news is that finding the right one can be challenging.

For example, you don’t want to sign up with a prop firm only to realize they don’t support your trading style. We believe the best way to prevent this problem is to carefully research multiple trading firms before going with one.

Luckily, we’ve done this for you and are happy to help!

In this City Traders Imperium Review, we’ll cover all the details you need to know about this prop firm to determine if it’s right for you.

What Is City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium is a forex proprietary trading firm based in London. Their mission is to build a network of profitable traders worldwide. Like any prop firm, CTI provides its traders with funded accounts, allowing them to succeed without risking their capital.

But CTI offers more than just funding; this prop firm provides traders with the tools and education necessary to flourish in the industry. Traders at City Traders Imperium can trade multiple assets, including forex majors and minors, commodities, and significant index stocks.

Who Founded City Traders Imperium?

Martin Najat and Daniel Martin founded City Traders Imperium in 2018. They noticed that most London-based prop firms were focused on hiring salespeople to sell courses instead of helping traders grow their skills.

Martin and Daniel decided to fill this gap in the market; they created City Traders Imperium to encourage and inspire the next generation of traders.

How City Traders Imperium Works

Let’s explain how CTI works, from its trading challenges and scaling plans to its rules and restrictions.

CTI offers four account challenges for traders to choose from:

  1. CTI Challenge
  2. Standard Evaluation
  3. Classic Evaluation
  4. Direct Funding

CTI Challenge

The CTI Challenge is ideal for traders who want to earn money faster. Traders who sign up for the Challenge can choose between four account types with varying initial balances; $10K, $25K, $50K, or $100K.

You’ll have to pass the evaluation to become a CTI trader, which is divided into two parts: Phase I and Phase II.

In Phase I, CTI tests your trading skills, giving you 45 days to reach the 10% profit target while following trading rules. Phase 2 works similarly, giving you 45 days to reach a 5% target while following trading rules.

Here are the rules you’ll need to follow to pass the CTI Challenge:

  • Meet the program requirements within 45 days
  • Place trades on a minimum of 10 days
  • Do not exceed the 4% daily drawdown
  • Do not exceed the 10% maximum absolute drawdown
  • Reach the profit targets

After passing the CTI Challenge, you’ll become a CTI trader with a funded account for the same amount as your evaluation. You can climb multiple tiers to work up the scaling plan, earning more significant balances and increased profit splits.

If you’re a short-term trader who likes taking on higher risk, the CTI Challenge is the perfect program, thanks to its 10% maximum drawdown.

Standard Evaluation

The Standard Funded Trader Program offers five account size options for traders: $10K, $20K, $40K, $50K, and $70K. Traders who sign up for the Standard Evaluation can enjoy no daily drawdown, no relative drawdown, and weekly payouts. The Standard features the most straightforward rules of all the CTI programs, so traders only have to worry about the absolute drawdown and the stop-loss risk.

To access a Standard funded account, traders must pass the one-step evaluation. The evaluation process consists of choosing an account size and hitting the 9% profit target while following trading rules. The rules for the Standard Funded Trader Program are:

  • Complete the evaluation within six months
  • Trade for a minimum of 30 days
  • Stop loss risk: 1.5% per position
  • 5% absolute drawdown
  • Reach the profit targets

After passing the evaluation, you’ll become a funded trader and access accounts with up to 400% of the evaluation’s initial balance. With no rules restricting trading strategies, you can enjoy flexible trading and grow your account to $4,000,000 with increased profit splits.

If you’re a medium-risk trader who prioritizes flexibility, the Standard Funded Trader Program is an excellent choice.

Classic Evaluation

Like the Standard Evaluation, the Classic Evaluation offers five account sizes: $10K, $20K, $40K, $50K, and $70K. But unlike the Standard, the Classic Evaluation lets traders enjoy a one-year evaluation time plus weekly payouts, making it an excellent option for less experienced traders.

The rules for the Classic Evaluation look like this:

  • Complete the evaluation within 12 months
  • Trade for a minimum of 30 days
  • Stop loss risk: 1.5% per position
  • 5% absolute drawdown
  • Reach the profit targets

Essentially, it’s the Standard program’s twin trading challenge, but for traders who need more time to pass. Once you pass, you earn a funded account with 400% of the evaluation’s initial balance and can enjoy non-restrictive rules. Every time you reach a 10% profit target, your account will grow.

The Classic Evaluation is an excellent option for lower-risk traders who need more than six months to pass. So if you’re fed up with short challenges and looking for relaxed trading conditions, the Classic Evaluation is your top choice.

Direct Funding

The Direct Funding Program lets traders skip the evaluation process and receive weekly payouts. You can save time and access a funded account immediately if you have good risk management skills.

With Direct Funding, traders choose between four account sizes: $20K, $40K, $50K, and $70K. You can work through the scaling plan by hitting profit targets for better profit splits and more funding.

Here are the Direct Funding Program rules:

  • 5% absolute drawdown (fixed loss) from the initial balance
  • Your losses may never exceed 5% of the initial balance
  • Stop loss risk: 1.5% per position

If you’re a professional trader who doesn’t mind taking on risk and wants to get funded fast, the Direct Funding Program is a perfect choice.

Top Features of City Traders Imperium

Let’s break down the essential features of City Traders Imperium.

Keep Up to 100% of Your Profits

With City Trader Imperium, you can work your way up to a 100% profit split, which is unheard of compared to most other prop firms. Depending on your account, you’ll start with a 50-80% profit split, then earn your way to larger shares by being a profitable trader. Only the most profitable traders reach the 100% profit split, so you’ll have to develop a reliable trading strategy and stay consistent.

Manage Up to $4,000,000

At CTI, traders can manage accounts with balances up to $4,000,000. This feature makes CTI highly competitive compared to other firms, as few give traders this much opportunity for growth.

Educational Content

CTI’s mission as a company is to help traders succeed, so it’s no surprise they offer a variety of educational materials. Their educational courses include Bank Level Trading, STT Strategy, Corrective Strategy, Forex for Beginners, and a Build Your Edge psychology course.

Discord Access

City Traders Imperium stresses the importance of community, which is why they offer Discord access to all their traders. Traders who join Discord can meet other prop-funded traders, discuss trading strategies, and learn from one another.

City Traders Imperium Pricing and Fees

As a trader, you need to know how much it’ll cost to trade with CTI, so let’s discuss the fees for each trading challenge.

CTI Challenge Prices

See the table below to determine the CTI Challenge costs.

CTI Challenge AccountOne-Time Fee
$10K£109 ($133.45)
$25K£169 ($206.90)
$50K£289 ($353.81)
$100K£479 ($586.42)

Standard Evaluation Prices

See the table below for the CTI Standard Evaluation costs.

CTI Standard AccountOne-Time Fee
$10K£119 ($145.51)
$20K£209 ($255.56)
$40K£389 ($475.67)
$50K£459 ($561.27)
$70K£659 ($805.83)

Classic Evaluation Prices

Here’s a breakdown of the Classic Evaluation costs:

CTI Classic AccountOne-Time Fee
$10K£109 ($133.32)
$20K£199 ($243.41)
$40K£379 ($463.58)
$50K£449 ($549.21)
$70K£649 ($793.84)

Direct Funding Prices

Check out the table below for a breakdown of direct funding costs.

Direct Funding AccountOne-Time Fee
$20K£1,059 ($1,295.14)
$40K£2,099 ($2,567.05)
$50K£2,599 ($3,178.55)
$70K£3,649 ($4,462.69)

Educational Courses Pricing

Here’s how the pricing works for the educational courses:

Educational CourseOne-Time Fee
Forex Beginners Course £2,499 ($3,054.47)
STT StrategyMust apply to get a quote
Corrective StrategyMust apply to get a quote
Build Your EdgeMust apply to get a quote
Bank Level Trading Must apply to get a quote

City Traders Imperium Pros & Cons

Let’s examine the pros and cons of trading with City Traders Imperium.

CTI Pros

  • Impressive profit split
  • Access to helpful educational courses
  • Multiple trading challenges for all types of traders
  • Discord access fosters a feeling of community

CTI Cons

  • Slightly higher fees than average
  • No trading crypto
  • Customer service is not 24/7

User Reviews for City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium has a 4.8-star rating on TrustPilot with over 800 reviews. Let’s see what traders at CTI are saying about this prop firm!

Positive Feedback

One happy trader named Mike urges others to join CTI, saying the prop firm brings extra value with its one-on-one mentorship.

Another satisfied user named Palma says that CTI’s excellent support team helped her grow as a trader.

Negative Feedback

However, not everyone who’s tried CTI has loved it; one trader named Denz took issue with CTI’s maximum drawdown rule.

Another trader named Benard had problems reaching customer service and found the website challenging to use:

City Traders Imperium Alternatives

Now that you know the pros, cons, and customer feedback of CTI, you’re probably closer to deciding if this is the prop firm for you. If CTI isn’t your first choice, here are a few competing prop firms we recommend checking out:

Our Personal Experience with City Traders Imperium

So how does CTI rank compared to other prop firms? We’re impressed with all that City Traders Imperium offers, especially the high-profit split that favors traders. Most prop firms offer an 80/20 profit split at most, so CTI wins in this category.

You can also manage accounts up to $4,000,000, which is higher than average for most prop firms. With large account sizes and impressive profit shares, CTI allows you to make a lot of money.

Another feature we love about CTI is its educational courses. Many prop firms offer trading education, but you can tell CTI puts a lot of time into ensuring their traders are knowledgeable. In fact, you can receive one-on-one mentoring from the founders of CTI themselves.

The website is easy to navigate, and their Discord channel successfully connects prop traders. Other prop firms offer Discord access but don’t promote it enough to recruit many members; this isn’t the case with CTI, so you have more of a community feel.

Of course, CTI isn’t without its issues; the fees are slightly higher than average, which may turn some traders away. It’s also important to note that CTI does not offer 24/7 customer support; you may not be able to get immediate answers to your questions and concerns. The only negative is that CTI doesn’t allow crypto trading, which is typical of many prop firms.

Conclusion: Should You Trade with City Traders Imperium?

So is City Traders Imperium the best proprietary trading firm for you? While many firms claim to be the best, City Traders Imperium is one of the best prop firms on the market. With fast scaling plans, generous profit splits, and multiple trading challenges, CTI is excellent for traders of all styles and strategies.

Not only will experienced traders enjoy CTI, but amateur traders can use this prop firm to grow their skills. With a wide range of courses to choose from, CTI clearly values education and success above all else; this isn’t just a prop firm that wants to collect your fees.

City Traders Imperium is an excellent choice for traders looking for a firm that encourages financial and educational growth. Whether you prefer low-risk or high-risk trading, CTI has a program that matches your needs. But if you’d still like to explore other options, read our Best Prop Trading Firms for Commodities Review!

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